Super star

    Super star


    Product Description

    HFSS-01 (L.Bn)

    HFSS-01 (L.Bn)

    HFSS-2 (T.B)

    HFSS-2   (T.B)

    HFSS-3 (L.Gn)

    HFSS-3 (L.Gn)

    HFSS-4 (Gn)

    HFSS-4    (Gn)

    HFSS-5 (M)

    HFSS-5     (M)

    HFSS-6 (B)

    HFSS-6      (B)

    HFSS-7 (PP)

    HFSS-7    (PP)

    HFSS-8 (Blk)

    HFSS-8    (Blk)

    HFSS-9 (L.Gry)

    HFSS-9 (L.Gry)

    HFSS-10 (Earth)

    HFSS-10 (Earth)

    HFSS-11 (Red)

    HFSS-11 (Red)

    HFSS-12 (D.Bn)

    HFSS-12 (D.Bn)

    HFSS-13 (Grey)

    HFSS-13 (Grey)




    Technical Specification

    Fields Of Application   Contract Furnishing
    Style   20-25 Colours
    Fibre Content Polyester 100%
    Weight G/m SUPER STAR 280gm +/- ,
    MOCHA 280gm +/-
    Width Cm/Ins 145cm/57"
    Colour Fastness To Light   Pass
    Water Repellent Yam Proof Normal (Mocha),
    No (Super Star)
    Current stock may vary from these samples. Some slight batch to batch color variation is to be expected. Actual specifications will be available upon request.